Research Faculty

Anupama Sathyamurthy

India Alliance Intermediate Career Fellow

Phone : +91 80 2293 2904
E-Mail : anupamasathy[at]
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Research Areas

Neural substrates of motor control

Research Details

It is the fundamental need for movement that has shaped the organization of the nervous system – it is designed to constantly sense and surveil the environment and the internal state and promptly use this information to implement motor responses that benefit survival and well-being. In humans, the ability to generate stimulus appropriate motor responses is often diminished in the elderly and in those with injuries or disorders of the nervous system, severely reducing quality of life. However, very little is known about the etiology of many motor disorders owing to lack of sufficient understanding of the neural substrates that underlie sensorimotor control in health. The goal of our lab is to dissect the neural mechanisms by which circuits nucleated in the spinal cord bring about motor behaviors both in health and in disease. Specifically, we use genetic strategies in rodents to label and manipulate local, descending, and ascending spinal networks to reveal how sensory information gets processed at subsequent nodes in the circuit leading to effective and diverse motor outcomes.


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