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Mandatory/Core courses for CNS Ph.D. students. These must be considered RTP courses.

      1.Aug Semester (First year) – NS201, NS202, and one of NS203 or NS204

      2.Jan Semester (First year) – NS303 or NS304. ​​

Mandatory/Core courses for CNS Int. Ph.D. students. These must be considered RTP courses.

      1.Aug semester (Second year) – NS201, NS202, and one of NS203 or NS204

      2.Jan Semester (Second year) – NS303 or NS304


NS 201 (AUG) 2:0
Systems Neuroscience
Neuronal biophysics, sensation & perception, motor systems.
Supratim Ray, SP Arun, Aditya Murthy
Prerequisites: None

NS 202 (AUG) 2:0
Molecular and Cellular Basis of Behaviour
Neuroanatomy, neurotransmitter system, synaptic transmission, pre and post synaptic organization and its relationship to synaptic physiology, synaptic plasticity, learning and memory.
Balaji Jayaprakash, Deepak Kumaran Nair
Prerequisites: None

NS203 (AUG) 2:0
Cognitive Neuroscience
Methods in cognitive neuroscience, attention, decision making, executive functions, emotion, reward processing.
Sridharan Devarajan, Srikanth Padmala
Pre-requisites – None

NS 204 (AUG) 2:0
Developmental Neurobiology
Basic neuroanatomy of CNS and PNS, Neurogenesis, Cell migration, cellular determination and differentiation, Neuronal growth cone and axon growth, Cell death in the nervous system, synapse formation, refinement of synaptic connections, astrocyte development and functions, oligodendrocyte development and functions, microglia development and functions.
Arnab Barik, Kavita Babu
Pre-requisites – None

NS 211 (JAN) 3:0
Optical Spectroscopy and Microscopy
Transition probabilities; Time dependent perturbation theory; Interaction with strong fields, Second Quantization; Origin of Spontaneous emission; characteristics of stimulated emission; Absorption and emission. Emergence of biophysical methods such as CD, Fluorescence spectroscopy, Energy transfer and other such methods from the above principles. Non-linear optics; Lasers; Pulsed and CW lasers; Multi photon excitation; optical microscopy; diffraction limit; principles of laser scanning microscopes; photo detection; optical microscope in bits and pieces.
Balaji Jayaprakash
Pre-requisites – None

NS212 (JAN) 2:1
Neural Signal Processing
Techniques for analysis of action potentials, Local Field Potential (LFP) and Electroencephalogram (EEG). Techniques include stochastic processes, time-frequency analysis, signal processing, coherence, ICA/PCA, forward and inverse modeling and Granger causality.
Supratim Ray
Pre-requisites – None

NS303 (JAN) 3:0
Topics in Systems and Cognitive Neuroscience
Readings and grant writing on various topics in systems and cognitive neuroscience.
SP Arun, Srikanth Padmala, Aditya Murthy
Pre-requisites – NS201/NS203

NS304 (JAN) 3:0
Topics in Molecular, Cellular & Circuit Neuroscience
Critical reading and grant writing on various topics in molecular, cellular and circuit neuroscience.
Arnab Barik, Deepak Kumaran Nair, Balaji Jayaprakash
Pre-requisites:   NS202 or NS204

Other courses co-taught by CNS faculty:

E0 304 (JAN) 3:1
Computational Cognitive Neuroscience
Sridharan Devarajan

LS 206 (JAN) 3:0
Developmental Biology and Genetics
Srimonta Gayen, Kavita Babu, Debabrata Laha

LS 208 (JAN) 2:0
Physiology and Neurobiology
Ramray Bhat, Sandeep Eswarappa, Ashesh Dhawale

LS 210 (JAN) 0:2
Laboratory course in Genetics and Ecology
Genetics component handled by Kavita Babu, Utpal Nath, Saravanan Palani, Upendra Nongthomba

MB208 (JAN) 3:1
Theoretical and Computational Neuroscience
SP Arun, Rishikesh Narayanan

DB201 (AUG) 2:0
Mathematics and Statistics for Biologists
Supratim Ray, K. Sekar, Anand Srivastava

UB201 and UB 201L (AUG) 2:1
Introduction to Biology-III (Neurobiology)
Arnab Barik, Ashesh Dhawale

UB 304L (JAN) 0:1
Experiments in Neurobiology
Arnab Barik, Ashesh Dhawale

UB 309 (AUG) 2:1
Evolution of genetics: genes to genomics; an overview of model systems; Mendelism; extensions of Mendelism; evolution of the concept of gene; an overview of genetic chemistry; transcriptional, post-transcriptional and translational regulation in prokaryotes and eukaryotes; genetic recombination and repair; mobile genetic elements in prokaryotes and eukaryotes; epigenetics; molecular basis of sex determination and dosage compensation in Caenorhabditis, Drosophila and human; population genetics; DNA recombination technology; genome genetics.
Kavita Babu
Pre-requisites – None

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