Journal Club

Date Presenter Paper

23 Dec 2022

Nirupam Das

CCR5 closes the temporal window for memory linking.

16 Dec 2022

Shashank V. A.

Edinger-Westphal peptidergic neurons enable maternal preparatory nesting.

9 Dec 2022

Yash M Sawant

Thalamus-driven functional populations in frontal cortex support decision-making.

25 Nov 2022

Aishwarya Ahuja

Cholinergic receptor-Wnt pathway controls immune activation by sensing intestinal dysfunction

11 Nov 2022

Jhilik Das

Orthogonal neural codes for speech in the infant brain

7 Oct 2022

Rishika Sharma

Rat Anterior Cingulate Cortex Continuously Signals Decision Variables in a Patch Foraging Task  

30 Sep 2022

Shrivallabh Deshpande Shankar

Alzheimer’s and Aducanumab

16 Sep 2022

Shankhadeep Mukherjee

Long-lasting, dissociable improvements in working memory and long-term memory in older adults with repetitive neuromodulation.

2 Sep 2022

Jagat Narayan Prajapati

Itch-specific neurons in the ventrolateral orbital cortex selectively modulate the itch processing

12 Aug 2022

Dr. Arnab Barik

Divergent brainstem opioidergic pathways that coordinate breathing with pain and emotions

15 Jun 2022

Jhilik Das

Long-range cortical synchronization supports abrupt visual learning

1 Jun 2022

Arnab Nandi

Molecular and neural basis of pleasant touch sensation

25 May 2022

Garima Virmani

Conservation and divergence of vulnerability and responses to stressors between human and mouse astrocytes

18 May 2022

Priyanka Gupta

Deficits in decision-making induced by parietal cortex inactivation are compensated at two timescales

11 May 2022

Indraja R. Jakhalekar

Hippocampal place cells encode global location but not connectivity in a complex space

4 May 2022

Jagat Narayan Prajapati

Mechanoreceptor synapses in the brainstem shape the central representation of touch.

27 Apr 2022

Yash M Sawant

Representational geometry of perceptual decisions in the monkey parietal cortex

20 Apr 2022

Aditi Bishnoi

Local circuit amplification of spatial selectivity in the hippocampus

13 Apr 2022

Tripti Seth

Insular cortex neurons encode and retrieve specific immune responses

6 Apr 2022

Monmita Bhar

Forgetting generates a novel state that is reactivatable

30 Mar 2022

Sukalyan Deb

Behavioral, Physiological, and Neural Signatures of Surprise during Naturalistic Sports Viewing

23 Mar 2022

Mahatabb Nundy

Proactive inhibitory control of response as the default state of executive control

16 Mar 2022

Thomas Cherian

Illusory faces are more likely to be perceived as male than female.

9 Mar 2022

Sanjana H

Dynamic targeting enables domain-general inhibitory control over action and thought by the prefrontal cortex.

23 Feb 2022

Swagata Halder

Orthogonal representations for robust context-dependent task performance in brains and neural networks.

16 Feb 2022

Sini Simon M

Primary visual cortex straightens natural video trajectories


9 Feb 2022

Niranjan Chakrabhavi

Cortical preparatory activity indexes learned motor memories


2 Feb 2022

Navneet Shahi

Cold shock induces a terminal investment reproductive response in C. elegans


19 Jan 2022

Shubhankar Saha

Social agent identity cells in the prefrontal cortex of interacting groups of primates.



13 Jan 2022

Shashank V. A.

Divergent projections of the paraventricular nucleus of the thalamus mediate the selection of passive and active defensive behaviors.


5 Jan 2022

Shankhadeep Mukherjee

Noise-trained deep neural networks effectively predict human vision and its neural responses to challenging images.


29 Dec 2021

Sharaj T R

Engram Size Varies with Learning and Reflects Memory Content and Precision



15 Dec 2021

Vanika Dhingra

A large-scale nanoscopy and biochemistry analysis of postsynaptic dendritic spines.

1 Dec 2021

Divya Gulati

Perceptual learning as a result of concerted changes in prefrontal and visual cortex


17 Nov 2021

Sricharan Sundar

Attention improves information flow between neuronal populations without changing the communication subspace



3 Nov 2021

Sagarika Jaiswal

The cost of correcting for error during sensorimotor adaptation



27 Oct 2021

Aishwarya Ahuja

Sensory Glia Detect Repulsive Odorants and Drive Olfactory Adaptation

20 Oct 2021

Sanchit Gupta

Shared mechanisms underlie the control of working memory and attention

9 Jun 2021

Wupadrasta Santosh Kumar

Rotational dynamics reduce interference between sensory and memory representations

2 Jun 2021

Ankita Sengupta

Disentangling perceptual awareness from nonconscious processing in rhesus monkeys (Macaca mulatta)

28 May 2021


Midbrain activity shapes high-level visual properties in the primate temporal cortex

27 May 2021

Nirupam Das

Dynamics of retrieval strategies for remote memory

12 May 2021

Yash Mohanrao Sawant

Attractor dynamics gate cortical information flow during decision-making

21 Apr 2021

Shankhadeep Mukherjee

Real-time dialogue between experimenters and dreamers during REM sleep




15 Apr 2021

Garima Virmani

Astrocytes mediate the effect of oxytocin in the central amygdala on neuronal activity and affective states in rodents.

7 Apr 2021

Soumen Das

Anterior cingulate inputs to nucleus accumbens control the social transfer of pain and analgesia

31 Mar 2021

Navneet Shahi

C. elegans discriminates colors to guide foraging

24 Mar 2021

Payel Sardar

Interaction between neuronal encoding and population dynamics during categorization task switching in parietal cortex

17 Mar 2021

Priyanka Gupta

Neural state space alignment for magnitude generalization in humans and recurrent networks


10 Mar 2021

Sagarika Jaiswal

Interhemispheric transfer of working memories

3 Mar 2021

Sharaj T R

A hypothalamic novelty signal modulates hippocampal memory

24 Feb 2021

Aditi Bishnoi

Behavioral and Neural bases of Tactile Shape Discrimination Learning in Head- fixed mice

17 Feb 2021

Tripti Seth

Injury-Induced Inhibition of Bystander Neurons Requires dSarm and Signaling from Glia

10 Feb 2021

Sanjana H

Changes to information in working memory depend on distinct removal operations

3 Feb 2021

Monmita Bhar

Circumventing Neural Damage in a C. elegans Chemosensory Circuit Using Genetically Engineered Synapses

27 Jan 2021

Premchand Rajeev

A biohybrid synapse with neurotransmitter-mediated plasticity

20 Jan 2021

Aishwarya Ahuja

CaMKII measures the passage of time to coordinate behaviour and motivational state

13 Jan 2021

Shubhankar Saha

Sustained representation of perspectival shape


7 Jan 2021

Sini Simon M

A perceptual scaling approach to eyewitness identification

23 Dec 2020

Aritra Das

Neuronal correlates of strategic cooperation in monkeys

16 Dec 2020

Indraja Jakhalekar

The ontogeny of a mammalian cognitive map in the real world

9 Dec 2020

Sukalyan Deb

Acute social isolation evokes midbrain craving responses similar to hunger

2 Dec 2020

Niranjan Chakrabhavi

Disengagement of motor cortex from movement control during long-term learning


25 Nov 2020

Swagata Halder

Spontaneous travelling cortical waves gate perception in behaving primates

18 Nov 2020

Surya Prakash

Attention amplifies neural representation of changes in the sensory input at the expense of perceptual accuracy.

11 Nov 2020

Vivek Belapurkar

ORANGE: A CRISPR/Cas9-based genome editing toolbox for epitope tagging of endogenous proteins in neurons

21 Oct 2020

Sanchit Gupta

Decoding and perturbing decision states in real-time

14 Oct 2020

Jhilik Das

Rapid and dynamic processing of face pareidolia in the human brain

7 Oct 2020

Arnab Nandi

Astrocytes contribute to remote memory formation by modulating hippocampal–cortical communication during learning

11 Mar 2020

Niranjan Chakrabhavi

Cortical pattern generation during dexterous movement is input-driven.

4 Mar 2020

Aditi Bishoni

Assembly-Specific Disruption of Hippocampal Replay Leads to Selective Memory Deficit

26 Feb 2020

Ankita Sengupta

Prefrontal attentional saccades explore space rhythmically

19 Feb 2020

Nirupam Das

A Disinhibitory Microcircuit Mediates Conditioned Social Fear in the Prefrontal Cortex

12 Feb 2020

Manish Prajapat

Prefrontal somatostatin interneurons encode fear memory

29 Jan 2020

Premchand Rajeev

How the brain chooses to hold or loose its connections?

22 Jan 2020

Pallavi Rao Netrakanti

Silent synapses dictate cocaine memory destabilization and reconsolidation

18 Dec 2019

Meenakshi P

Memory formation in the absence of experience

11 Dec 2019

Vivek Belapurkar

AMPA receptors in the synapse turnover by monomer diffusion

5 Dec 2019

Priyanka Gupta

 A dual role of prestimulus spontaneous neural activity in visual object recognitio

27 Nov 2019

Yash M Sawant

Excitatory and Inhibitory Subnetworks are equally selective during Decision-Making and Emerge Simultaneously during Learning

20 Nov 2019

Thomas Cherian

Mapping visual symbols onto spoken language along the ventral visual stream

13 Nov 2019

Garima Virmani

Microglia: watchmen of the brain

6 Nov 2019

Sagarika Jaiswal

Single-Neuron Correlates of Error Monitoring and Post-Error Adjustments in Human Medial Frontal Cortex

30 Oct 2019

Prijesh K John

Ventral tegmental area astrocytes orchestrate avoidance and approach behaviour

23 Oct 2019

Divya Gulati

The mechanistic foundation of Weber’s law

16 Oct 2019

Aishwarya Ahuja

Neuronal Small RNAs Control Behavior Transgenerationally

9 Oct 2019


Layer-dependent activity in human prefrontal cortex during working memory

25 Sep 2019

Aritra Das

Simultaneous multi-area recordings suggest that attention improves performance by reshaping stimulus representations

11 Sep 2019

Soumen Das

Visual-olfactory integration in the human disease vector mosquito Aedes aegypti

4 Sep 2019

Indraja Jakhaler

Remembered reward locations restructure entorhinal spatial maps

29 Aug 2019

Ashwin Ramaswamy

Triple dissociation of attention and decision computations across prefrontal cortex

21 Aug 2019

Sanchit Gupta

Working memory revived in older adults by synchronizing rhythmic brain circuits

14 Aug 2019

Sricharan Sunder

Posterior parietal cortex plays a causal role in perceptual and categorical decisions

7 Aug 2019

Prof. SP Arun

Evolving Images for Visual Neurons Using a Deep Generative Network Reveals Coding Principles and Neuronal Preferences

8 May 2019

Aritra Das

Attention-related changes in correlated neuronal activity arise from normalization mechanisms

1 May 2019

Thomas Cherian

Optogenetically induced low-frequency correlations impair perception

10 Apr 2019

DVPS Murty

Hierarchical Heterogeneity across Human Cortex Shapes Large-Scale Neural Dynamics

3 Apr 2019

Swagata Halder

A collicular visual cortex: Neocortical space for an ancient midbrain visual structure

27 Mar 2019

Varsha Sreenivasan

Fast track to the neocortex: A memory engram in the posterior parietal cortex

20 Mar 2019

Garima Virmani

Conditional BDNF Delivery from Astrocytes Rescues Memory Deficits, Spine Density, and Synaptic Properties in the 5xFAD Mouse Model of Alzheimer Disease

13 Mar 2019

Sricharan Sunder

Concurrent visual and motor selection during visual working memory guided action

20 Feb 2019


Neural Competitive Queuing of Ordinal Structure Underlies Skilled Sequential Action

13 Feb 2019

Jyothsna Sreekumar

Evidence that neural information flow is reversed between object perception and object reconstruction from memory

6 Feb 2019

Sanjna Banerjee

A causal account of the brain network computations underlying strategic social behavior

30 Jan 2019

Jhilik Das

Invariant Temporal Dynamics Underlie Perceptual Stability in Human Visual Cortex

23 Jan 2019

Pallavi Rao Netrakanti

Synaptotagmin-3 drives AMPA receptor endocytosis, depression of synapse strength, and forgetting

16 Jan 2019

Aditi Bishnoi

The Same Hippocampal CA1 Population Simultaneously Codes Temporal Information over Multiple Timescales

2 Jan 2019

Indraja Jakhalekar

Social place-cells in the bat hippocampus

26 Dec 2018

Premchand Rajeev

Homeostatic Plasticity Scales Dendritic Spine Volumes and Changes the Threshold and Specificity of Hebbian Plasticity

12 Dec 2018

Monika Jain

Social Control of Hypothalamus-Mediated Male Aggression

5 Dec 2018

Shekhar Kedia

LTP and memory impairment caused by extracellular Ab and Tau oligomers is APPdependent

28 Nov 2018

Priyanka Gupta

Encoding of Multiple Reward-Related Computations in Transient and Sustained High-Frequency Activity in Human OFC

14 Nov 2018

Vivek Belapurkar

Microglia remodel synapses by presynaptic trogocytosis and spine head filopodia induction

31 Oct 2018

Thomas Cherian

Coherent encoding of subjective spatial position in visual cortex and hippocampus

24 Oct 2018

Saurabh Kothari

Neural Population Dynamics Underlying Motor Learning Transfer

17 Oct 2018

Ankita Sengupta

Social reward monitoring and valuation in the macaque brain

10 Oct 2018

Mahadeva Swamy H S

RNA from trained Aplysia can induce epigenetic engram for long tem sensitization in untrained Aplysia

3 Oct 2018

Sidrat Tasawoor

The representation of colored objects in macaque color patches

12 Sep 2018

Asmita Jaiswal

Paralyzed mice with spinal cord injury made to walk again DOI: 10.1016/j.cell.2018.06.005

5 Sep 2018

Sanchit Gupta

Human single neuron activity precedes emergence of conscious perception DOI:10.1038/s41467-018-03749-0

29 Aug 2018

Vikram Pal Singh

Synapse-specific representation of the identity of overlapping memory engrams Authors: Kareem Abdou, Mohammad Shehata, Kiriko Choko, Hirofumi Nishizono, Mina Matsuo, Shin-ichi Muramatsu, Kaoru Inokuchi

8 Aug 2018

Georgin Jacob

Functional Networks for Social Communication in the Macaque Monkey Stephen V. Shepherd and Winrich A. Freiwald.

1 Aug 2018

Varsha Vasudevan

Encoding of error and learning to correct that error by the Purkinje cells of the cerebellum David J. Herzfeld, Yoshiko Kojima, Robijanto Soetedjo & Reza Shadmehr

25 Jul 2018

Soumen Das

Numerical ordering of zero in honey bees Authors : Scarlett R. Howard et al.

11 Jul 2018

Arnab Nandi

Cell-Type-Specific Role of ΔFosB in Nucleus Accumbens In Modulating Intermale Aggression Authors : Hossein Aleyasin et al.

4 Jul 2018

Prijesh K John

Astrocytic Activation Generates De Novo Neuronal Potentiation and Memory Enhancement Authors
Adar Adamsky, Adi Kol, Tirzah Kreisel, …, Maya Groysman, Michael London, Inbal Goshen

13 Jun 2018

Surya SP

Detecting Unattended Stimuli Depends on the Phase of Prestimulus Neural Oscillations. Authors: Anthony M Harris, Paul E Dux and Jason B Mattingley

6 Jun 2018

Pranay Mandal

Dietary salt promotes neurovascular and cognitive dysfunction through a gut-initiated TH17 response Authors : Giuseppe Faraco et al.

30 May 2018

Shruti Shridhar

Consolidation Promotes the Emergence of Representational Overlap in the Hippocampus and Medial Prefrontal Cortex Alexa Tompary, Lila Davachi

16 May 2018

Agrita Dubey

Electrical Stimulation Modulates High γ Activity and Human Memory Performance Authors: Kucewicz et al.

2 May 2018

Aritra Das

Laminar Organization of Attentional Modulation in Macaque Visual Area V4 Anirvan S. Nandy, Jonathan J. Nassi, John H. Reynolds. DOI:

21 Mar 2018

Aditi BIshnoi

Lesions of the Head Direction Cell System Increase Hippocampal Place Field Repetition Bruce Harland, Roddy M.Grieves, David Bett, RachaelStentiford, Emma R. Wood, Paul A.Dudchenko

14 Mar 2018

Swagata Halder

Tired of unwanted thoughts? Scientists find brain chemical responsible for it 

7 Mar 2018

Sricharan Sunder

“Evidence for a neural law of effect” Vivek R. Athalye, Fernando J. Santos1, Jose M. Carmena, Rui M. Costa.

14 Feb 2018

Premchand Rajeev

“Hippocampal LTP and contextual learning require surface diffusion of AMPA receptors”A. C. Penn, C. L. Zhang, F. Georges, L. Royer, C. Breillat, E. Hosy, J. D. Petersen, Y. Humeau & D. Choquet.

7 Feb 2018

Ankita Sengupta

“Robust prediction of individual creative ability from brain functional connectivity”Roger E. Beaty et. al. PNAS January 30, 2018. vol. 115. no. 5 (1087–1092)

24 Jan 2018

Dr. Mini Jose Deepak

“MAP2 Defines a Pre-axonal Filtering Zone to Regulate KIF1- versus KIF5-Dependent Cargo Transport in Sensory Neurons.”

10 Jan 2018

Pallavi Rao Netrakanti

“Nanoscale Structural Plasticity of the Active Zone Matrix Modulates Presynaptic Function”

3 Jan 2018

Vipin Chauhan

“Spatial and Sex-Dependent Responses of Adult Endogenous Neural Stem Cells to Alcohol Consumption-“Erica L.McGrath, JunlingGao, Yong-Fang Kuo, Tiffany J.Dunn et all Stem Cell Reports j Vol. 9 j 1916–1930 j December 12, 2017

20 Dec 2017

Agrita Dubey

“Linking electrical stimulation of human primary visual cortex, size of affected cortical area, neuronal responses, and subjective experiences.”

13 Dec 2017

Thomas Cherian

“Transient acidosis while retrieving a fear memory enhances its lability.”

22 Nov 2017

Varsha Vasudevan

“Motor Cortical Visuomotor Feedback Activity Is Initially Isolated from Downstream Targets in Output-Null Neural State Space Dimensions”

15 Nov 2017

Aakash Agrawal

“Distinct distributed patterns of neural activity are associated with two languages in the bilingual brain”recently appeared in Science Advances

8 Nov 2017

Sidrat Tasawoor Kanth

“Spontaneous Fluctuations in Visual Cortical Responses Influence Population Coding Accuracy”Diego A. Gutnisky, Charles B. Beaman, Sergio E. Lew, Valentin Dragoi;
Cerebral Cortex, Volume 27, Issue 2, 1 February 2017

25 Oct 2017

Georgin Jacob

“Seeing faces is necessary for face-domain formation” Arcaro, M. J., Schade, P. F., Vincent, J. L., Ponce, C. R., & Livingstone, M. S.

11 Oct 2017

Vivek Belapurkar

“Neuronal regulation of type 2 innate lymphoid cells via neuromedin U.” Cardoso, V., Chesné, J., Ribeiro, H., García-Cassani, B., Carvalho, T., Bouchery, T., Shah, K., Barbosa-Morais, N.L., Harris, N. and Veiga-Fernandes, H., 2017.
Nature, 549(7671), pp.277-281.

27 Sep 2017

Dhruti Patwardhan

“two short papers which deal with maternal immune activation during pregnancy and resulting neurodevelopmental abnormalities in the child.” One of the papers links this effect with the presence of specific bacteria in the gut of the mother. The other paper delves into where in the brain these abnormalities occur.

20 Sep 2017

Arathy Ramachandran

“Chromatin remodeling inactivates activity genes and regulates neural coding.”Yang et al. Science, July 2016.

13 Sep 2017

Aritra Das

“A normalization model suggests that attention changes the weighting of inputs between visual areas”

6 Sep 2017

Vikram Pal Singh

“Distinct Neural Circuits for the Formation and Retrieval of Episodic Memories” but in simple language it can be said as: “How we recall the past.”from Susumu Tonegawa group from MIT.

30 Aug 2017

Murty V P S Dinavahi

“Cortical gamma band synchronization through somatostatin interneurons.” Veit, J., Hakim, R., Jadi, M.P., Sejnowski, T.J., Adesnik, H., 2017. Nat Neurosci 20, 951–959. doi:10.1038/nn.4562

16 Aug 2017

Prijesh K John

“Normal sleep requires the astrocyte brain-type fatty acid binding protein FABP7” Science Advances 05 Apr 2017:
Vol. 3, no. 4, e1602663 DOI: 10.1126/sciadv.1602663

9 Aug 2017

Sachin Deshmukh

“Environmental Geometry Aligns the Hippocampal Map during Spatial Reorientation” by Keinath et al.

19 Jul 2017


“Pre-plaque conformational changes in Alzheimer’s disease-linked Ab and APP”

12 Jul 2017

Pranay Mandal

“Breathing control center neurons that promote arousal in mice”

5 Jul 2017


“A dedicated network for social interaction processing in the primate brain” This study use whole brain fMRI to study the representations of social interaction in primates.

28 Jun 2017

Sridharan Devarajan

21 Jun 2017

Georgin Jacob

“The Code for Facial Identity in the Primate Brain” Le Chang and Doris Y. Tsao. Cell, Volume 169, Issue 6, p1013–1028.e14, 1 June 2017

14 Jun 2017

Siddhesh Salelkar

“Time-compressed preplay of anticipated events in human primary visual cortex”Matthias Ekman, Peter Kok & Floris P. de Lange. Nature Communications 8, Article number: 15276 (2017)

31 May 2017

Shekhar Kedia

“Hallmarks of Alzheimer’s Disease in Stem-Cell-Derived Human Neurons Transplanted into Mouse Brain. – PubMed – NCBI”

24 May 2017

Debajyoti Das

“Dopamine transients are sufficient and necessary for acquisition of
model-based associations”
by Sharpe et. al., Nature Neuroscience, 2017.

17 May 2017

Shruti S

“Midbrain dopamine neurons control judgment of time” Sofia Soares, Bassam V. Atallah, Joseph J. Paton

3 May 2017


“Driving Human Motor Cortical Oscillations Leads to Behaviorally Relevant Changes in Local GABAA Inhibition: A tACS-TMS Study” Magdalena Nowak,1,3 XEmily Hinson,1,3 Freek van Ede,3 XAlek Pogosyan,2 Andrea Guerra ,2,4,5 XAndrew Quinn,3 Peter Brown,2 and XCharlotte J. Stagg1,3

26 Apr 2017

Varsha V

“Cerebellar granule cells acquire a widespread predictive feedback signal
during motor learning”.

19 Apr 2017

Ruturaj Gowaikar

“Gamma frequency entrainment attenuates amyloid load and modifies microglia” by Li-Huei Tsai

12 Apr 2017


“Scene-selective coding by single neurons in the human parahippocampal cortex”Mormann, Florian, Simon Kornblith, Moran Cerf, Matias J. Ison, Alexander Kraskov, Michelle Tran, Simeon Knieling, Rodrigo Quian Quiroga, Christof Koch, and Itzhak Fried. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (2017): 201608159

22 Mar 2017

Monika Jain

“Overlearning hyperstabilizes a skill by rapidly making neurochemical processing inhibitory-dominant”Kazuhisa Shibata1,2, Yuka Sasaki1, Ji Won Bang1,4, Edward G Walsh3, Maro G Machizawa1,4, Masako Tamaki1,Li-Hung Chang1,4 & Takeo Watanabe1

15 Mar 2017

Dhruv Jawali

Gamma and beta bursts underlie working memory” Lundqvist, Mikael, Jonas Rose, Pawel Herman, Scott L. Brincat, Timothy J. Buschman, and Earl K. Miller. *Neuron* 90.1 (2016): 152-164.

8 Feb 2017

Aditya Singh

Shared memories reveal shared structure in neural activity across individuals” Janice Chen, Yuan Chang Leong, Christopher J Honey, Chung H Yong, Kenneth A Norman & Uri Hasson Nature Neuroscience – 20, 115–125(2017), doi:10.1038/nn.4450

1 Feb 2017

Sidrat Tasawoor

Reduction of Information Redundancy in the Ascending Auditory Pathway“Gal Chechik1, 5, Michael J. Anderson4, Omer Bar-Yosef2, Eric D. Young4, Naftali Tishby1, 3, Israel Nelken1, 2

25 Jan 2017

Sriram R

Neural variability quenching predicts individual perceptual abilities” Arazi Ayelet, Censor Nitzan and Dinstein Ilan

18 Jan 2017

Vivek Belapurkar

“Evidence for human transmission of amyloid-beta pathology and cerebral amyloid angiopathy” Jaunmuktane Z et al., Nature. 2015 Sep 10;525(7568):247-50.

4 Jan 2017

Agrita Dubey

A Normalization framework for Emotional Attention” This article talks about the modulation of sensory perception of emotional attention by means of the normalization model (proposed by Reynolds and Heeger in 2009).

14 Dec 2016

Pranay Mandal

Erythrocytes Are Oxygen-Sensing Regulators of the Cerebral Microcirculation” Wei HS1, Kang H1, Rasheed IY2, Zhou S3, Lou N1, Gershteyn A1, McConnell ED1, Wang Y4, Richardson KE5, Palmer AF5, Xu C6, Wan J7, Nedergaard M8

7 Dec 2016

Sriram R

Neural variability quenching predicts individual perceptual abilities“The authors discuss about the behavioural relevance and potential physiological mechanisms of neural variability reduction(quenching).

28 Nov 2016

Prasanna Venkhatesh V

Cortical information flow during flexible sensorimotor decisions“The paper elucidates the flow of task signal across different brain regions during a sensorimotor decision task. Some of the important questions that this paper tries to address are the following, Do signals flow bottom-up, flow top-down, or evolve concurrently across brain regions? Do choice signals in sensory regions reflect their causal effect on the decisions or feedback from decision stages?

16 Nov 2016

Monika Jain

Social transfer of pain in mice“Monique L. Smith, Caroline M. HostetlerMary M. Heinricher and Andrey E. Ryabinin.

9 Nov 2016

Warsha Barde

Grid cell symmetry is shaped by environmental geometry“, published in Nature Neuroscience in February, 2015.

2 Nov 2016

Sumitash Jana

“The brain adapts to dishonesty”, published in Nature Neuroscience in October, 2016.

26 Oct 2016

Apurva Ratan Murty

“Novel domain formation reveals photo-architecture in inferotemporal cortex” Srihasam et al., Nature Neuroscience (2014)

5 Oct 2016

Siddhesh Salelkar

“Attention Increases Spike Count Correlations between Visual Cortical Areas” Douglas Ruff and Marlene Cohen, The Journal of Neuroscience, 13 July 2016, 36(28): 7523-7534; doi: > 10.1523/JNEUROSCI.0610-16.2016

28 Sep 2016

Varsha Sreenivasan

“Human blindsight is mediated by an intact geniculo-extrastriate pathway” Authors : Sara Ajina, Franco Pestilli, Ariel Rokem, Christopher Kennard and Holly Bridge

21 Sep 2016

Aditya Singh

“Discovered underpinnings of this phenomenon at synaptic, neuronal and network level in the CA3 region of Hippocampus” S. J. Guzman, A. Schlogl, M. Frotscher, P. Jonas. Synaptic mechanisms of pattern completion in the hippocampal CA3 network. Science, 2016; 353 (6304): 1117 DOI: 10.1126/science.aaf1836

14 Sep 2016

Meenakshi P

“Imprinting and recalling cortical ensembles.” Luis Carrillo-Reid, Weijian Yang, Yuki Bando, Darcy S. Peterka, Rafael Yuste Science 353.6300 (2016): 691-694.

7 Sep 2016

Shruti Shridhar

Competition between engrams influences fear memory formation and recall” Rashid et al, Science, July 2016.

31 Aug 2016


Tsokas, Panayiotis, et al. “Compensation for PKMζ in long-term potentiation and spatial long-term memory in mutant mice.” eLife 5 (2016): e14846.

17 Aug 2016

Vivek Belapurkar

“Three-Dimensional Study of Alzheimer’s Disease Hallmarks Using the iDISCO Clearing Method” – Liebmann et al., Cell Reports (2016).

3 Aug 2016

Vikram Pal Singh

Dorsal Raphe Dopamine Neurons Represent the Experience of Social Isolation Summary: The article tries to arrive at the “Brain circuit of loneliness.”

27 Jul 2016

Bodhisatwa Chaudhuri

“SHANK3 controls maturation of social reward circuits in the VTA” Sebastiano Bariselli, Stamatina Tzanoulinou, Christelle Glangetas, Clément Prévost-Solié, Luca Pucci, Joanna Viguié, Paola Bezzi, Eoin C O’Connor, François Georges, Christian Lüscher & Camilla Bellone. Nature Neuroscience 19, 926–934 (2016)


20 Jul 2016


“Linking pattern completion in the hippocampus to predictive coding in visual cortex” visual cortex, Hindy, N. C., Ng, F. Y., & Turk-Browne, N. B. (2016). Nature neuroscience, 19(5), 665-667.


13 Jul 2016


“Dissociated functional significance of decision-related activity in the primate dorsal stream” Authors: Leor N. Katz, Jacob L. Yates, Jonathan W. Pillow & Alexander C. Huk

15 Jun 2016

Shekhar Kedia

Deals about a new technique called “SLENDR”, that allows precise modification of neuronal DNA in living samples. Using this new technique, the research team were able to reliably label two different proteins with distinct colors at the same time in the same cell. The researchers used a variety of imaging methods as well as DNA sequencing to confirm that the SLENDR method had truly and precisely knocked in the genes.

1 Jun 2016

Venkatapathy K

“Super-resolution Microscopy of Clickable Amino Acids Reveals the Effects of Fluorescent Protein Tagging on Protein Assemblies”

25 May 2016

Ruturaj Gowaikar

“Genetically targeted magnetic control of the nervous system”

18 May 2016

Aditya Singh

“Bidirectional electromagnetic control of the hypothalamus regulates feeding and metabolism” Sarah A. Stanley et al., Nature 531,647–650(31 March 2016) doi:10.1038/nature17183

11 May 2016

Sanjna Banerjee

“Cognitive Neurostimulation:Learning to Volitionally Sustain Ventral Tegmental Area Activation” Jeff J. MacInnes,1,2,7 Kathryn C. Dickerson,1,2,7 Nan-kuei Chen,3,4 and R. Alison Adcock1

4 May 2016

Shruti Shridhar

“Memory retrieval by activating engram cells in mouse models of early Alzheimer’s disease” Dheeraj S. Roy,Autumn Arons,Teryn I. Mitchell,Michele Pignatelli, Tomás J. Ryan & Susumu Tonegawa Nature 531, 508–512 (24 March 2016) doi:10.1038/nature17172

27 Apr 2016

Siddhesh Salelkar

Origin and Function of Tuning Diversity in Macaque Visual Cortex” Robbe L.T. Goris, Eero P. Simoncelli, J. Anthony Movshon Neuron 88, 819–831 (2015)

13 Apr 2016

Pramod R T

“Explicit information for category-orthogonal object properties increases along the ventral stream” Hong, H., Yamins, D. L., Majaj, N. J., & DiCarlo, J. J. (2016).

6 Apr 2016

Vinay Shirhatti

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4 Oct 2011


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27 Sep 2011

Ajit Ray

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20 Sep 2011


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6 Sep 2011

Subhashika Govindan

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30 Aug 2011

Vighneshvel T

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16 Aug 2011


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9 Aug 2011

Sumitash Jana

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26 Jul 2011

Nikhil Prabhu

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19 Jul 2011

Satya Prakash Rungta

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28 Jun 2011


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21 Jun 2011

Neha Bhutani

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14 Jun 2011


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2 Jun 2011


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24 May 2011

Eisha Shaw

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10 May 2011


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3 May 2011

Richa Kapoor

Regulation of Adult Hippocampal Neurogenesis by Thyroid Hormone Receptors

26 Apr 2011

Debaleena Basu

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12 Apr 2011

Atul Gopal

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5 Apr 2011


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22 Mar 2011

Anuj Menon

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15 Mar 2011


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8 Feb 2011

Sumitash Jana

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18 Jan 2011

Anuj Menon

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29 Dec 2010

Maltesh Kambli

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15 Dec 2010

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27 Oct 2010

Nikhil Prabhu

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20 Oct 2010

Anindo Chatterji

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13 Oct 2010

Devesh Kumar Tiwary

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7 Oct 2010

Eisha Shaw

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29 Sep 2010

Madan Ram Kumar

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16 Sep 2010

Neha Bhutani

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8 Sep 2010

Atul Gopal

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1 Sep 2010

Ajit Ray

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19 Aug 2010

Eisha Shaw

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11 Aug 2010

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6 Jul 2010

Vijay Krishnan

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