Sai Vamsi Krishna A V R
Administrative Assistant


Vijayalakshmi R
Financial Assistant


Aakash Pillai
Administrative Assistant

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Neuroscience of Consciousness Initiative
16 Jun 2023

Tanmay Zagade has been selected for the Bayer Fellowship Program 2022-23 toward supporting his Master’s degree in Life Sciences at IISc.
6 Apr 2023

Anuj Srivastava’s paper “Avoiding catastrophic referral failures in medical images under domain shift” has been selected for an Oral Presentation at the ICLR 2023 Workshop on Domain Generalization.
6 Apr 2023

Shankhadeep Mukherjee has received a Best Presentation Award in the Brain, Computation and Data Science cluster at the EECS Research Symposium 2023.
6 Apr 2023

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