Neurobiology of Learning And Memory


Research in our lab is focused on understanding how memories of past events influence the acquisition of new memory and experiences. Using mice as a model system, we follow the neuronal correlates of memory. We follow the changes accompanying acquisition, formation and retrieval of memory through in-vivo two-photon imaging. Longitudinal imaging of the same mice over the entire process of memory consolidation provides us a unique ability to watch, follow and study these processes as they happen. We combine this ability with small animal behaviour and molecular genetics to investigate

  1. How the internal representation of remote events (events that happened a long time ago) that are similar in nature but distinct in content are encoded.
  2. When such events are encoded in two (NMDAR dependent and NMDAR independent) molecularly independent pathways, how do their corresponding internal representations change at cellular and synaptic scale?
  3. How multiple memories interact with each other and influence future behaviour.
  4. What happens to temporal information in such representations of old memories.

PI : Dr.Balaji Jayaprakash (Webpage)