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“to move things is all that mankind can do, and for this task, the sole executant is a muscle, whether it be whispering a syllable or felling a forest” – Charles Sherrington.

All goal directed behaviour whether it involves playing an instrument or singing a song involves the precise coordination and control of many muscles together. For this to occur, the brain must decide, plan, execute and get feedback on the movement. The lab seeks to understand the computations that enable this symphony of muscle contractions underlying goal directed behaviour such as those involving eye movements, hand movements and even facial muscles during speech movements.

Featured Publications

Rungta S.P., Basu D., Sendhilnathan N. and Aditya Murthy. The preparatory activity links frontal eye field activity with small-amplitude motor unit recruitment of neck muscles during gaze planning. J. Neurophysiology (2021)
Varsha V., Aditya Murthy, and Radhakant Padhi. A stochastic velocity tracking optimal control model with internal feedback for saccadic eye movements.Biomedical Signal Processing and Control. Accepted (2021)
Jana Sumitash, Gopal Atul PA., and A. Murthy. Computational mechanisms mediating inhibitory control of coordinated eye-hand movements.Brain Sciences (Accepted) (2021)
Jana Sumitash, and Aditya Murthy. Spatiotemporal coupling between eye and hand trajectories during curved hand movements. Journal of Motor Behavior.53(1):47-58 (2021)
Sendhilnathan N., Basu D., Goldberg M.E., Schall J.D. and Aditya Murthy. Neural correlates of goal-directed and non-goal-directed movements. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A.(accepted) (2021)

Research Highlights

Preparatory activity links the frontal eye field response with small amplitude motor unit recruitment of neck muscles during gaze planning....
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A Stochastic Optimal Control Model with Internal Feedback and Velocity Tracking for Saccadic Eye Movements. V.Varsha et al. Biomedical Signal...
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Neural correlates of goal-directed and non–goal-directed movements. Sendilnathan et al.Proc. Natl. Academy of Sciences (USA) 2021 118 (6) e2006372118. Neural...
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Computational Mechanisms Mediating Inhibitory Control of Coordinated Eye-Hand Movements. Brain Sci. 2021. Jana, S. et al. Inhibitory control refers to...
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