Saurabh Kothari

(joint student with Prof. Ashitava Ghosal, ME)
I have broad interests in systems and computational neuroscience, ethology, AI, robotics, and biomechanics. Currently, I am using computational models to understand how a network of neurons enables biological motor control and learning.

Niranjan Chakrabhavi

(joint student with Prof. Ashitava Ghosal, ME)
My interests in motor control are deep-rooted to my life experiences where I am affected by a condition of lack of movement control on my right side, known as hemiparesis. Despite physical limitations, it is astonishing to observe how our central nervous system adapts to the external environment and the daily needs to facilitate a normal livelihood. In my research, I am investigating how our brain controls and coordinates movements and specifically looking at how it exploits redundancy to execute and learn movements. One of my biggest goals in life is to translate fundamental research into clinically viable applications.

Mahatabb Nundy

(joint student with Prof. Vivek Mathew and Prof. A. T. Prabhakar, Department of Neurology, CMC Vellore) 
I am passionate about bridging the gap between clinical and basic research, particularly in neurology. My current work involves understanding motor control by studying patients having movement disorders. 

Somesh Shingane

My research interests lie in the field of motor control, learning and adaptation. My current research focuses on motor adaptation, i.e., how the human motor system identifies the discrepancy between intended movements and actual sensory consequences, especially in hand or eye movements (saccades), and uses this information to adapt to externally imposed perturbations.

Kalpajyoti Hazarika

My work revolves around exploring the fascinating realms of free will, consciousness, and intentional binding, with a specific focus on motor planning. Utilizing a multidisciplinary approach, I will integrate cutting-edge techniques such as electromyography (EMG) and transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) to investigate the intricate relationship between conscious intentions, volitional control, and motor actions. By examining the neural correlates of consciousness and volitional control during motor planning and execution, I aim to unravel the mechanisms that underlie the formation of conscious intentions and the subsequent translation of these intentions into purposeful motor actions. By investigating the interplay between consciousness, volitional control, and motor function, my research has the potential to shape our understanding of human agency, self-perception, and the nature of intentional action.

Snega Mahesh Dhana Singh

My interest lies in deciphering how the brain regulates and controls motor functions through various neural circuits and pathways. Using transcranial electrical stimulation and transcranial magnetic stimulations, I would like to understand the contribution of motor pathways to the organization of motor function. By delving into the mechanisms of the gating of motor output to the periphery, I would like to uncover insights that could provide insights into our understanding of neurological disorders and pave the way for innovative therapeutic interventions.


Ashutosh Kumar 

The possibilities of using brain stimulation to regulate neural activity and impact motor behaviour truly captivate me. The ability to selectively suppress or enhance the gating of motor output to muscles related to voluntary muscle contraction is particularly intriguing. Exploring the neural mechanisms and functional implications of this phenomenon holds immense value. In my eyes, brain stimulation and gating of motor output are crucial areas of study in neuroscience that can broaden our understanding of the brain and enhance the well-being of individuals with motor impairments.

Ph.d Students

  • Supriya Ray – Postdoctoral research with Jeffrey Schall at Vanderbilt, Steven Heinen at Smith Kettlewell and Robert McPeek at SUNY. Currently faculty at Centre for Behavioural and Cognitive Science, University of Allahabad

  • Arjun Ramakrishnan – Postdoctoral research with Nicolelis at Duke University and at the Univ. of Pennsylvania with Prof. Michael Platt. Currently faculty at IIT Kanpur

  • Neha Bhutani – Postdoctoral research at the Departement de Physiologie Universite de Montreal under Prof. John Kalaska; co-founder REVAI (a neurotech company).

  • Sharika KM – Postdoctoral research at the Univ. of Pennsylvania, with Prof. Michael Platt. Currently faculty at IIT Kanpur

  • Atul Gopal – Postdoctoral research at the National Institutes of Health, (NEI, USA) under Dr. Okihide Hikosaka

  • Sumitash Jana – Postdoctoral research at the University of California, San Diego under Prof. Adam Aaron. Currently faculty at IIT Delhi.

  • Debaleena Basu – Postdoctoral research at Brown University with Prof. Theresa Desrochers.

  • Prasanna Venkatesh – Knowledge Officer, STEER Engineering Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore

  • Puneet Singh – Postdoctoral research at Harvard University with Profs. Maurice Smith and Conor Walsh.

  • Satya Rungta – Postdoctoral research at Caltech with Prof. Doris Tsao.

  • Varsha Vasudevan – Grasp Bionics; Postdoctoral research with Dr Pierre Pouget at Paris Brain Institute.

Masters Students

  • Ausaf Farooqui – Postdoctoral research at the Brain and Cognition Unit, MRC, Cambridge, England. Faculty at Bilkent University, Turkey

  • Vishal Kapoor – Ph.D. at Max Planck Institute, Germany under Prof. Nikos Logothetis. Faculty at Institute of Neuroscience, Beijing, China.

  • Sharika KM – Postdoctoral research at the Univ. of Pennsylvania, with Prof. Michael Platt. Currently faculty at IIT Kanpur

  • Surbhi Munda–Ph.D. at IISc with SP Arun.

  • Rohini Murugan– Ph.D. at Emory University.

UG Research Students

  • Naveen Sendhilnathan – Ph.D. at the Dept of Neuroscience, Columbia University. Currently at Facebook

  • Medha Shekhar – Ph.D. at the Dept of Neuroscience, Georgia Tech. USA. Currently at UCL.

  • Surbhi Munda – Masters at IISc. Currently PhD at IISc.

  • Bikaash Sahoo –Masters at IISc.

  • Vaibhav Thakur – Ph.D. at UCLA with Michelle Basso