Aging and Mental Disorders

We collected EEG data from a large cohort (350 recordings from 279 subjects) of elderly subjects (>50 years) while they viewed visual stimuli that induced gamma oscillations. This entire dataset and associated codes are available freely.



Recording method: (Murty and Ray, 2022, Bio-protocol).

Research Highlights

  • Gamma oscillations weaken with age in healthy elderly subjects (Murty et al., 2020, Neuroimage)
  • Gamma oscillations are weaker in subjects with Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI) and Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) as compared to their age and gender matched controls (Murty et al., 2021, eLife).
  • Gamma oscillations remain remarkably consistent across recordings separated by more than one year (Kumar et al., 2022, Cerebral Cortex Communications).
  • Gamma and alpha oscillations show distinct patterns of functional connectivity changes with aging and mental disorders (Kumar and Ray, 2023, European Journal of Neuroscience)
  • Slope of the power spectral density flattens below 150 Hz but also steepens at higher frequencies with healthy aging (Aggarwal and Ray, 2023, Cerebral Cortex Communications).