Welcome to the Emotion and Cognition Laboratory!!

Our current research focuses on investigating interactions between emotion, motivation, and cognition in the human brain using behavioral and functional MRI (fMRI) techniques.

Featured Publications

Chen G, Padmala S, Chen Y, Taylor PA, Cox RW, and Pessoa L, (2021), To pool or not to pool: Can we ignore cross-trial variability in FMRI?, NeuroImage, 225, 117496.
Limbachia C, Morrow K, Khibovska A, Meyer C, Padmala S, and Pessoa L, (2021), Controllability over stressor decreases responses in key threat-related brain areas, Communications Biology, 4(1), 1-11.
Padmala S, Sambuco N and Pessoa L, (2019), Interactions between reward motivation and emotional processing, Progress in Brain Research, 247, 1-21.
C-T Meyer*, S. Padmala* and L. Pessoa, (2019), Dynamic threat processing, Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience, 31(4), 522-542.
C. Sours, J. Kinnison, S. Padmala, R-P. Gullapalli and L. Pessoa, (2018), Altered segregation between task-positive and task-negative regions in mild traumatic brain injury, Brain Imaging and Behavior, 12(3), 697-709.

Research Highlights