Neural basis of LFP, ECoG and EEG

Our setup allows a thorough investigation of the properties of macro-signals such as LFP, ECoG and EEG, since we have simultaneous access to spikes from ~100 microelectrodes as well. For example, we are using flickering visual stimuli to study the neural basis of steady state visual evoked potential (SSVEP) in EEG, and to study whether LFPs represent inputs coming in a particular visual area or the outputs (Salelkar, Somasekhar and Ray, 2018, Journal of Neurophysiology). We also investigated the spatial spread of different brain signals, and found that the spatial spread of LFP is band-pass (Dubey and Ray, 2016, Journal of Neurophysiology), and the spatial spread of ECoG is remarkably local (Dubey and Ray, 2019, Journal of Neuroscience).